5 Tips to increase Property Value with Landscaping

If you want to increase your property value, landscaping is a great way to do so!

You know the adage: The first impression counts.

And the first thing a potential buyer sees in your front yard and the front of your house. Now you can’t change your house easily, but you can make your front yard great again! (sorry for the pun)

A nice front yard can drastically improve the visual appeal of your property!

If you are planning to sell your property rather soon, there’s a lot of simple ways to transform your land into something beautiful without spending tons of money. Here’s five tips you should follow to make your landscaping project a success:

1. Have a plan

If you just follow one advice, follow this one. If you don’t create a plan beforehand, your yard will just look messy and unorganized. Even if you want to do everything yourself to save money, getting some help on the landscaping design is something to consider. Also, check out this article on front yard design.

2. There’s more than one season

Many homeowners make the mistake of planting a lot of plants, especially in flower beds, that bloom beautifully for a few weeks, and look dead and boring the rest of the year. That is not a great investment. Instead, go for plants that look good all year, like shrubs or stones. It’s also cheaper than replanting every year!

3. Balance the colors

Yes, you can just throw all kinds of colors everywhere. No, that won’t look good. Read the Guidelines for Landscaping Design to understand how to use colors the right way. A subtle, more selective approach is usually better. It just looks cleaner and more professional. Good for property value!

4. Make it useful

Lots of flower beds may look quite nice, but also quite useless. Having a simple deck or patio with some pretty furniture can be a lot more interesting to buyers than flowers. After all, you want to be able to spend time outside, too! And personally, I’d rather have a backyard ready for some mean barbecue and dinner parties than just a big flower bed.

5. Take care of it!

Unless you use a lot of stone and hardscapes (which can look great!), you will need to put some effort into lawn maintenance. Otherwise, your new, beautiful yard will quickly turn ugly again. Often, buyers value a well-maintained yard highly – it gives the whole property a better status. Meaning, high-value!


If you follow these 5 tips for increasing the value of your property, you basically can’t fail!

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