Back Yard Design

When I think about design, I like the phrase “Form follows Function”. That means, your backyard should not just look cool, but BE cool!

So, think about what you want to DO in your back yard, and what features you like to have. Then, you can create a much better, more functional back yard design!

In the end, you want to enjoy being in the backyard, not just looking at it, right?

Also, it’s a lot more fun to invite friends over to “hang out in the backyard” instead of just “looking at my backyard”.  Can’t throw those awesome barbecues if you didn’t think of them before!


So, let’s design your backyard together!


1. What do you want to do?

Ask yourself this: “How do I want to use my backyard?”

Some ideas: “I want to…

  • …just chill outside, in the sun”
  • …sit and read in the sun”
  • …play with my dog outside”
  • …have my kids playing outside”
  • …invite friends over for a party”
  • …invite friends over for barbecue”
  • …and so on


Of course, you aren’t supposed to pick one. Pick as many as you like!

Whatever you wanna do, write it down, take notes!


2. What’s important for your backyard?

Have little kids? Maybe not build an open fireplace.

Have a dog? Leave some open space and maybe not too many flower beds.

Just think about:

  • Who uses the backyard? You, your family, your pets, friends, family,…?
  • What do you have to watch out for (for all of these)? Think dangers (for pets, kids), maybe allergies,…
  • What do you (or others) really want in it? Can’t invite for a BBQ if you don’t have the space!


Again, write your thoughts down, or you’ll forget them!


3. How do you want to do this?

Okay, let’s say you want to chill and read in your backyard.

Do you want to just lie in the grass? Sit on a bench? Lie in a hammock? Or maybe relax in your own little pavilion?

Think about the different scenarios.

Do you like sitting outside when it rains? Better have something with a roof! (or if you like sitting in the rain, something without a roof!)

Do you want to cut the grass regularly? No? Well, don’t have too much grass!


If you create a small list of your favourite options (2-4) and write at least one pro and contra for each, it will make the decision a lot easier!

Bonus points: write down what you want, first! This isn’t always easy, but really helpful.


4. Build it! …or, have it built.

I get it, not everyone has a green thumb. Or is a master at Do-It-Yourself projects.

And not everyone has too much time on their hands. (Who does, really?)

Once you have some very specific ideas for your back yard design, finding a good landscaping company to do the final design and installation for you should not be too hard!

When you already know what you want, you save yourself a lot of work, time, and money!

So do yourself a favor and plan your back yard before hiring someone. It makes everything easier!