Blueberries – perfect for small-space gardening!

Blueberries offer something to look at all year round: showy red foliage in the fall, delicate white and pink blooms in the spring, and handfuls of sweet plump berries in the late spring and summer.

And they are great for keeping them in a pot!

So not only do they look nice, they are easy to move around AND don’t need too much maintenance! You can put them pretty much anywhere in your garden or your patio – they just need some sunlight.

Happy little Blueberries in a pot
Happy little Blueberries in a pot, from

Make your blueberries happy!

Tip 1: Plant a Southern Highbush variety, which have been bred to withstand hot climes.Blueberries need some chill hours every year, or they won’t yield fruit. Planting a plant that is used to hotter climate means they don’t need as much cold as their cooler brothers and sisters.

Tip 2: Blueberries get lonely. Plant them in pairs or smaller groups, so they are happy! No, but seriously: Mix different varieties for better polination and healthier plants.

Tip 3: Blueberries don’t like hot. They like a sunny spot, but only until noon. When the heat gets too intense, they like some shade.

Tip 4: Use fertilizer. Potting soil designed for azaleas and similar acid-loving plants is perfect. Apply it about once a month for happy blueberries.

Tip 5: Water a lot, but not the leaves. Pour the water directly in the pot to prevent mildew on the leaves.

Tip 6: Add some mulch. Blueberries have delicate little roots near the surface. Adding 3-4 inch of mulch helps protecting the roots and preserving moisture.


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