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concrete curbing flowerbed
Concrete Curbing of a flowerbed Р Souce

If you want to seperate different areas of your lawn or make a flowerbed stand out – concrete curbing is the way to go!

I already talked about the many advantages and unique traits of concrete in this article. Most of these apply for curbing just as well! Concrete is long-lasting, durable, incredibly versatile and can look almost however you want it to.

Whatever style you want – you can probably get it with concrete. And the best part? Concrete curbing is relatively affordable and can be done within a day!


Advantages of Concrete Curbing

If you don’t want to regularly build new wood or metal curbing, clean it or fight weed all the time: concrete curbing is for you. It is very low-maintenance, so you only have to seal it every other year. And if you build (or better, have it built) and treat it right, it will last for many years to come. Since it’s one continuous barrier between the lawn and the flowerbed, it protects much better than wood or metal could. No more rampant weed devastating your flowerbeds!

Another big bonus is mowing: You don’t have to worry about carefully mowing around it and cutting by hand near the curbing. The concrete won’t be damaged, and can even take the weight of the lawnmower easily if you have to go across it.

Also, if you read my article on concrete, you know how awesome stained or stamped concrete can be! Your contractor can make just the concrete you need – right on the site. There’s a wide range of colors that you can get, different effects and styles and even imitate other materials! And yet, the full installation of concrete curbing still only takes a day! With a professional contractor, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your lawn either.

How Concrete Curbing is installed

First, the contractor will prepare the area for the concrete. A 6″-9″ wide strip of sod is cut and the grass and earth is removed to level the ground.

Next, the concrete is mixed on-site, on a self-contained trailer. Color can be added to the mixture of cement sand, Portland cement, and a reinforced fiber. This mix makes the curbing strong and durable.

Finally, a machine extrudes the concrete into a continuous border around your flowerbed. Joints should be added approximately every 12-18 inches, to prevent cracking of the concrete.

Depending on your design, the contractor may then finish with stamping or staining, to give the curbing the look you desire.

All together, this will usually just take one day. Your landscape should look as clean as before, and a professional contractor will not damage your lawn.

If you already have curbing installed, the contractor can remove it first and then proceed with the installation.


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