Concrete – The allround champion in hardscaping

In another article I said that flagstone is one of the most popular and awesome hardscaping material. That is certainly true, but if there’s a number one hardscaping material, it would be concrete. (I’d put flagstone at #2 though)

If you think of concrete, you might think of boring grey material that is plain and simple ugly. While you would not be wrong, it can be so much more!

Concrete is incredibly versatile and can really stand out. And yet it is still rather easy to install and fairly cheap!

Here’s 5 good reasons why concrete is not something you want to dismiss lightly:

Durability – Concrete is highly durable, stronger than most other outdoor building materials. It withstands weather and wear-and-tear easily for many years.

Versatility РIt can be used for almost anything: paving for patios, walkways or driveways. But also for firepits, waterscapes, retaining walls and many other landscaping elements!

Flexibility – You can cast concrete in almost any form or shape, and even dye it in whatever color you need. You can even stamp or stain it for unique patterns and great effects!

Easy maintenance – All you have to do is washing and resealing it every few years – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Affordable – Concrete is simply easier to install than brick or stone, making it a lot cheaper to buy and install in your yard.


But is there really no downside?

Of course there is. Concrete may naturally expand and contract, which leads to cracks. If done properly, this is not a problem though. That’s why you should let a professional contractor handle the installation for you. With control joints, the risk of cracks can be minimized. If you properly seal it every two or three years, you can also protect it against wear-and-tear, to keep it in top condition for many years.

Decorative Concrete – Fancy on a budget!

Decorative Concrete can look so pretty!
Decorative Concrete can look so pretty! Source

Yes, that is concrete and it is far for boring! You can get pretty much anything done with it now. And it will still come out cheaper AND more durable. Amazing!

Using concrete, you can pave your walk- or driveway on a budget, without sacrificing good looks. Through stamping and staining, many other materials can be imitated – stone, brick, and even wood! Talk to a decorative concrete professional to explore your options and get personal consultation for your project!


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