If you want to use your backyard or garden for outdoor activities or simply being there, a deck is a great idea!

It can be a great place to hang out with your family or friends.

Or a place of peace to relax after a long day.

Or your own little spa with a hut tub and a nice spot to sunbathe.

In short: Decks are awesome!


How to design your very own deck

Even when you work with a professional contractor (which you should), you will probably want to have some say in the design. And you should!

That’s why you should read on: So you understand what’s important when designing your deck.

1. What purpose has the deck?

Do you want to host barbecues? Just sit around, play or chill with friends or family? Eat dinner outside on a nice day?

Whatever you would like to do, write it down, take notes.

This will be one of the first question your landscaping contractor asks you. Or should ask you, at least.

Before you can confidently answer that question, you can’t really hire anyone to build your deck. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a completely wrong deck.

2. Where do you want the deck?

It could be just on/in the ground. Possibly even a little bit lower, like a pit to sit around. (Sounds weird, but check this out!)

It could be a little elevated, with a little set of stairs leading up. Or even on the first floor, with a lot of space below for a patio!

Also, should it be directly attached to the house or detached?

And how big should it be? This will have a big impact on pretty much everything else.

3. What’s your budget?

That’s an important question you should be prepared to answer. You need to know¬†exactly¬†how much you are willing to spend on your deck. Before you know that, you can’t even really begin to design or plan.

4. What materials do you like?

This is where a professional contractor should be able to help you out with their experience. There’s lots of options, but what would be best for your deck depends on so many factors.

What you can do before though is think about how it should look. Light or dark wood? Or not even wood at all? A pattern or simply wooden planks?

5. Safety railing?

Unless you build your deck more than like a feet above ground, a railing is completely optional. It makes the deck more contained, like a seperate space. Not having a guardrail can make the deck feel more open, more connected to the rest of your yard.


There you go, that’s the five questions you should consider before designing your deck! With a landscaping professional to help you, you should now be able to create just the deck you imagined, maybe better!