Fencing & Gates

So, your yard needs fencing. You aren’t a landscaping professional. You read this article. You feel more confident and your fencing will turn out better. Enjoy!

I recommend the same start I pretty much always recommend.

Think about what you NEED in a fence first!

Why do you even get a fence? For privacy? To keep people out? To keep your dog in? Because it’s pretty?

Create a (very short) list of reasons why you want a fence. List them in order of priority.

This can be as simple as “wall between street and frontyard, pretty”!

It’s just so you really know what you want.

Otherwise, you’ll just go in circles and never get the result you are happy with.

So what?

Once you know what you need, think about what kind of fence or wall can help.

A solid wall or a wooden fence? Maybe a metal fence? Or even just a chain link fence? Maybe a chain link fence with a hedge?

Don’t overthink it just yet.

Basically, do you want something solid and strong, like a wall? Or a fence for “softer” separation? Or something made of plants?

What’s your style?

Now that you know what kind of separator you want, decide on the style.

As a guideline, just stand outside, where the fence would be. Look at your house. Look at the style.

You will want to go for a similar style.

And old, traditional house would look weird with a modern, fancy fence (hehe). A fancy, modern house would look weird with an old, traditional fence.

Wait, there’s rules!

Before you go into the details, make sure you know about local rules. Your city or neighborhood may have restrictions on height or material of fences. You should know about them!

Work with a professional

If you are not experienced with this kind of work, it would be best to at least get some advice from a professional. In person. Someone who actually looks at your house and yard.

They probably built a few fences before, they can give you recommendations or warn you of potential problems.

Oh right, the gate!

Yeah, don’t forget that. You probably won’t. But you know, just to be sure.

If you don’t have a gate yet, think about everyday life. What you will go through every day.

No, I mean literally. You will go through your gate every day. So it better be a nice gate!

Also, make it big enough so you can get all kinds of stuff through. Keep in mind, everything you want to get into the house, you will have to get through the gate!

Otherwise, the same rules for the fence apply for the gate.