Gazebos – The best place to relax outside

I love gazbos. Just imagine sitting in one, reading a good book while it’s raining. Or sitting there with friends in the evening, with some drinks and lots of laughter. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Gazebos usually have an octagonal base, with a roof and open walls. On the inside, there’s usually a bench along the walls, maybe a table in the middle. However, there are all kinds of variations!

A beautiful, inviting gazebo from BHG

How to have the best gazebo

Just putting a gazebo up somewhere in your garden is not quite how it works. I mean, any gazebo is better than none in my opinion, but why settle for less?

It all comes down to your enjoyment. You want a place to relax, right? Something great in your garden. Here’s what you have to look out for:

Access – you don’t want to cross a flowerbed, climb over a hedge and maybe slay a dragon just because you want to relax in your gazebo, right? So build a path to get to it easily. Probably a no-brainer, but still, keep it in mind. Since you may go there when the sun is setting, keep the path lighted. Check out more about landscape lighting here. Bonus points if the path is comfortable for walking barefoot!

Surroundings – Imagine you are relaxing in your gazebo, enjoying some time off – and cars drive by every minute. Not very relaxing. If you have a huge garden, you can put your little retreat in the vast open space, maybe next to a river. Otherwise, having at least a hedge keeping out most of the street sounds and adding some privacy is a great idea. If you need it, a water fountain can add calming background noise.

View from within – There’s not too much you can do about the view. Other than, you know, having a nice back yard. Which is a great idea. (Read my page on back yard design!) But if you design your yard or garden with the gazebo in mind, you can place elements in a way that give you a nice view. That’s why you always plan ahead!

View from the house – You won’t always be able to spend time in your retreat, hiding from responsibilities. But even just looking at it from your room can help, feeling it call for you. So make it look nice from outside, too. It should look lively, like it is a part of the landscape. Having shrubs or even a tree around it can be a great way to achieve that. Having some soft lights illuminating it softly can also add a lot.


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