Sandstone – popular for good reasons!

Sandstone is one type of Flagstone, and a very popular one for many reasons!

Sandstone looks great in all kinds of elements – pathways, patios, walls and so much more! There’s actually quite a few different color variations like beige, red, pink or buckskin gold. Their soft, warm shades look nice and welcoming in any yard, and can complement many different styles. Generally, it looks very natural and “earthy”, but can even fit in with a modern look.

Also, sandstone stays cool, even in the summer heat. This makes it great for walkways or patios, where you can walk barefoot even in summer without burning your feet. Since it’s a rather soft rock, it is actually quite nice to walk on with no shoes. Especially the denser varieties are very weather resistant, making it a great, long term investment.

However, to keep it in good condition, sandstone should be sealed. This can prevent staining and protect it against damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

Sandstone ideas

An inviting sandstone path
An inviting sandstone path

This is from Sunset. If you swap the stones for grass in between the stones and remove the walls on the side, it would be even more natural and inviting to walk on barefoot.

Modern sandstone patio
Modern patio

From Stonemarket, a great example of how sandstone can look modern and sleek just as well!

Sandstone walls, pretty and natural
Sandstone walls, pretty and natural

Finally, from LandscapeGenius, a wall made of sandstone! Looks great, not just for small retaining walls, but even for bigger walls!


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