The Secret Weapon for Landscaping Pros: Greener grass and save water!

Does your grass just doesn’t look as nice as it should? Not as green, lush? Is your soil not as moist and healthy as you want it to be?

Well, it’s not really your fault!

If you have never heard of this before, you’ve been missing out on something great.

This is for you, if you live in the east, where the heat and draught is a problem.


Okay, enough of this hype-y marketing-like stuff. But for real, this is really useful and not everybody knows about it yet.

“Scotts EveryDrop” is stuff you spread on your lawn. It reduces surface tension between water and soil.

In short, it makes the soil and water be better friends 🙂

This means that the earth will be moister and the grass will be greener, while you ALSO save on water! Sounds pretty good to me.

This is the jug to spread it manually across your yard, or here the bag for spreading with tools.

The cool thing, you only need to do this once a month!

Apply it mostly on dryer areas of your lawn, and not too much on the low points where the water collects anyway.

Of course, it can’t work wonders. But it is a great addition for your lawn to keep it green and healthy!

You can get it directly via Amazon or in local gardening stores.

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